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That's Democracy by Louis Kornfeld  


12 min    Play

A teacher gives his students a lesson about democracy that they'll never forget.

A Hunger Artist by Franz Kafka  


26 min    Play

The story focuses on a man who is a professional faster. With the support of an impresario, or business manager, he spends his days starving himself in a cage while spectators come to watch him.

Sir Hereward and Mr. Fitz Go to War Again by Garth Nix  


78 min    Play

The heroic knight and swordsman, Sir Hereward, ventures forth with his companion, the sorcerous puppet known as Mister Fitz, to track down a wayward force.

Brawler by Lauren Groff  


18 min    Play

Sara arrives at a pool for a swim meet. She is very athletic but athleticism is not what has shaped her life.

The Spice Portrait by J.M. Evenson  

Science Fiction

32 min    Play

This is a dark, brutal and painful story that encapsulates the love and sacrifice we are willing to give to our children.

In The Stacks by Scott Lynch  


101 min    Play

Student magicians must try to make it through a most unusual magical library.